Absorption capacity of major urban afforestation species in northeastern China to heavy metal pollutants in the atmosphere


Totally 24 arbor tree species and 6 shrub species were measured on their absorption capacities to heavy metal Pb, Cd, Cr, and Hg by collecting and analyzing the leaves of trees along different streets in Harbin city in Sept. to Oct. of 2003. The results showed that all the measured species had certain absorbency to the pollutants (Pb, Cd, Cr and Hg), but there existed significant difference in absorption capacity for different species to different pollutants. The measured tree species were classified into three categories by their absorption quantum of heavy metal pollutants. Among the species measured,Betula platyphylla, Ulmus pumila var.pendula, andPrunus persicaf.rubro-plena had high capacity in absorbing Pb;Populus xiahei, P. nigra var.Italica, P. alba x P. berolinensis andSalix matsudana had had high capacity in absorbing Cd;Phellodendron amurense, Syringa oblata, Salix matsudana, Pinus tabulaeformis var.mukdensis, Picea koraiensis, Prunus persica f.rubro-plena, P. triloba andAcer negundo, etc. had high capacity in absorption of Cr;Prunus triloba, Quercus mongolica, Salix matsudana, Sambucus williamsii, Pyrus ussuuriensis andSpiraea fritschiana were good at absorption of Hg. This study might offer scientific foundation for selection of urban afforestation species in different polluted conditions caused by heavy metals.

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Correspondence to Mu Li-qiang.

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Foundation item: This study is financially supported by the Special Programme for Agriculture under Ministry of Chinese Science and Technology (No. 2002BA516A15-01).

Biography: MU Li-qiang (1966-), female, Associate professor in Northeast Forestry University, Harbin 150040, P. R. China.

Responsible editor: Zhu Hong

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  • Greening tree species
  • Heavy metal
  • Pollutants
  • Plumbum
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Absorptivity

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