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Notes on induced polyploids in the tuber-bearingSolanum species and their crossability withSolanum tuberosum


The growth habits, morphological characters and fertility features of the colchicine-induced polyploids of the following species have been described:S. chacoense, S. kesselbrenneri, S. rybinii, S. polyadenium, S. acaule, S. longipedicellatum, F1 S. macolae × 5.simplicifolium and F1 S. acaule ×S. simplicifolium. The crossability of the polyploids withS. tuberosum is indicated and the hybridization results are briefly discussed. The desirability of planning species hybridization in the tuberousSolanums in such a way as to maintain the chromosome number 48 in the hybrids is stressed. Dr. H. J. Toxopeus of the Institute of Plant Breeding, Wageningen, kindly placed at the disposal of the writer the material required for this study. To him and Prof. Dr. R. Prakken of the Institute of Genetics, the writer’s thanks are due for suggestions and facilities provided for this investigation.

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A joint contribution of the Institute of Genetics and the Institute of Plant Breeding, Wageningen, Holland.

The writer is thankful to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for the award of a Fellowship during the course of this study.

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