In vitro mass tuberization and virus-free seed-potato production in Taiwan


This is the first report ofin vitro tuberization becoming feasible for agriculture in seed-potato production. The optimum condition forin vitro mass tuberization of virus-free potatoes were: 10 mg/1 BA, 8% sucrose. 20°C incubating temperature, and eight hours of 100 lux incubation photoperiod. An estimated 36,000 dormant, miniature tubers were harvested from the aseptic containers incubated on a 10m2 bench area in a fourmonth period. After three successive plantings in soil, 1,800 kgs of virusfree seed-potatoes were obtained.

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Correspondence to Po-jen Wang.

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This work was supported in part by the multiple grants from National Science Council (ROC), Commission on Rural Reconstruction (ROC), and funds from the ART Program of Wm. Paterson College of New Jersey.

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