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Century Russet: A high-yielding fresh market cultivar with verticillium resistance


Century Russet, a high-yielding, late-maturing variety suitable for fresh tablestock use, was jointly released in 1995 by Agricultural Experiment Stations in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Colorado, California, and Texas and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Extremely high yields have been observed for Century Russet in variety trials conducted in Oregon and throughout the western United States under a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. Century Russet produced 40 percent higher marketable yields than Russet Burbank and 67 percent higher marketable yields than Russet Norkotah in 11 regional trials conducted over a three-year period in sevenwestern states. Uniform tuber shape, high yields of count carton sizes, and attractive tuber appearance make Century Russet well suited for the fresh market industry. It is not recommended for chipping or processing into frozen products because of low solids and dark fry color. Century Russet is highly resistant toVerticillium wilt and consistently develops less hollow heart, brown center, and other internal defects than Russet Burbank. It requires more time between vine kill and harvest than Russet Burbank for adequate tuber maturity and skin set. Bruised Century Russet tubers are susceptible to early blight andFusarium infection.

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