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Rose Gold: A yellow fleshed, pink-red skinned, tablestock cultivar with short dormancy and full season maturity

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Rose Gold is a pink-red skinned, bright yellow fleshed, tablestock potato cultivar. In Ontario trials, Rose Gold is later maturing than its half sibling Red Gold and is characterized by producing larger and fewer tubers per plant than Red Gold. Rose Gold rarely develops symptoms of virus diseases when grown for repeated generations under high virus disease pressure (PVY, PLRV, PVX). Tubers have a very short dormancy. Yields are similar to Yukon Gold on mineral soil and generally higher than Red Gold. Rose Gold has produced high marketable yields on muck soil.


Rose Gold es un cultivar de papa para consumo de piel rosado-rojiza y carne de color amarillo intenso. En ensayos llevados a cabo en Ontario, Rose Gold madura más tardíamente que su medio hermana Red Gold y se caracteriza por producir por planta un menor número de tubérculos de mayor tamaño que la misma.

Rose Gold rara vez desarrolla sintomas de enfermededes viróticas cuando se le utiliza por repetidas generaciones bajo una presión alta de dichas enfermedades (PVY, PLRV, PVX). Los tubérculos tienen un período de reposo muy corto. Los rendimientos son similares a los de Yukon Gold en suelo mineral y generalmente son más altos que los de Red Gold. Rose Gold ha producido altos rendimientos comerciables en suelo Muck.

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Named for the rose coloured skin and yellow flesh of the tubers.

Research Scientist, Potato Breeder, Agriculture Canada, Guelph, Ontario (retired).

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Coffin, R., Johnston, G.R., McKeown, A. et al. Rose Gold: A yellow fleshed, pink-red skinned, tablestock cultivar with short dormancy and full season maturity. American Potato Journal 65, 325–332 (1988).

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