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Changes in the nutrient composition of potatoes during home preparation: I. Proximate composition


The effects of various home cooking methods on the proximate composition of four potato varieties were investigated. The results revealed significant increases in the dry matter content of tubers during oven-baking and microwave cooking. With one exception, cooking unpeeled tubers in boiling water did not significantly alter their proximate composition. Boiling peeled tubers resulted in a significant decrease in the total ash content. Except for one variety, there was a significant decrease in crude fiber in boiled peeled and oven-baked potatoes. Changes in protein values were erratic.


Se investigó el efecto de varios métodos caseros de cocción, en la composición proximal de cuatro variedades de papa. Los resultados demostraron un incremento significativo en el contenido de materia seca durante el horneado y la cocción por microondas. Con solo una exception, los tubérculos sancochados con cáscara no alteraron significativamente su composición proximal. Los tubérculos sancochados sin cáscara, si disminuyeron significativamente su contenido de cenizas totales. Excepto una variedad, hubo una disminución signififcativa de fibra cruda en papas sancochadas y en papas horneadas. Las variaciones en el contenido de proteina no fueron consistentes.

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