Velocities of precursor soliton generation in single layer flow


In this study, the moving velocitiy of precursor solitons, of the flow in depressed region, and of the zero-crossing of the trailing wavetrain relative to the moving disturbance for single-layer flow over topography were theorecticaly determined in terms of the mass and energy conservation theorems, andwere examined with numerical calculations showing good agreement with theoretical results.

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This work was supported by funding from the State Education Commission “The Dynamics of Upper Ocean” and the State Key Laboratory of East China Normal University

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Zhao-ting, X., Feng-yan, S., Shun-li, L. et al. Velocities of precursor soliton generation in single layer flow. Chin. J. Ocean. Limnol. 15, 130–136 (1997).

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Key words

  • precursor soliton
  • generating velocity
  • single layer flow
  • fKdV equation