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Evaluation of prehospital emergency care in the field and during the ambulance drive to the hospital


This study was conducted to evaluate the appropriateness of ambulance procedures and interventions in the management of patients dispatched to 2 emergency departments (EDs) of urban hospitals in Izmir. Use of trauma boards and cervical collars, airway patency, breathing, and circulation problems were recorded in both EDs. Eighty-one patients with a mean age of 47.54±2.36 years (range, 4–89) brought into the ED via ambulances were enrolled in the study. Airway maneuvers were performed in patients with airway and breathing problems. There was no significant relationship between administration of IV fluids and the presence of circulatory impairment (P=.053). A trauma board was used in 9 of 30 trauma cases (30%) and a cervical collar in 6 of 30 (20%). It was concluded that basic procedures used in the management of patients brought into the ED via ambulances were inadequate.

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