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Impact of television on children


Television viewing has a great impact on various aspects of child’s life. This study was carried out at Sir Padampat Mother & Child Health Institute, Jaipur (Rajasthan). The aim was to study the effects of television viewing on a child’s eating habits, general physical health, physical activities, interest in study and school performance. Only 250 children of 3–10 years age groups were studied for a period of nine months (January 1992 to September 1992). Average duration of television exposure to an individual child was 18.5 hours per week in the study. Significant changes were observed in a childs’ eating habits, weight, physical activity, sleep parttern, interest in study and general physical health. Increase in weight was observed in 19.6% children suggesting that the television viewing may predispose to childhood obesity. In 30.4% cases decrease in physical activity was found, 18.4% children showed decreased interest in study, while 10% children showed decrease in school performance, and sleep pattern was disturbed in 24% children. Medical problems were found in 11.6% children. Significantly two children had precipitation of fits on television viewing.

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