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Application of Decision Aids for Tunneling (DAT) to a drill & blast tunnel


Applicability of the Decision Aids for Tunneling (DAT) technique is investigated in this study to better understand the efficiency of the decision making process during tunnel construction. For this, a traffic tunnel under construction is adopted and information on the construction procedure, i.e., overall geology, unit cost and construction time for each excavation process, is provided periodically. Various scattergrams in which cost-time simulation results are plotted are obtained according to the simulation methods and final prediction on the construction time/cost is made. It is found that the uncertainty in the cost distribution is greater than the uncertainty in the time distribution foreach cycle simulation and the uncertainties in time and cost for theone time simulations are comparable. Future work will be concentrated on the updating scheme using the face mapping data and various parametric studies will also be performed.

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The manuscript for this paper was submitted for review on April 23, 2003.

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Min, S.Y., Einstein, H.H., Lee, J.S. et al. Application of Decision Aids for Tunneling (DAT) to a drill & blast tunnel. KSCE J Civ Eng 7, 619–628 (2003).

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