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Zero-flux planes and flux reversals in Cu−Ni−Zn diffusion couples


Concentration profiles of isothermal diffusion couples in binary as well as multicomponent systems can be analyzed directly for interdiffusion fluxes without the need for a prior knowledge of interdiffusion coefficients. Such an analysis is presented and applied for the calculation of interdiffusion fluxes of each component at various sections of several diffusion couples in the Cu−Ni−Zn system investigated at 775°C. A major outcome of these calculations is the identification of “zero-flux planes” for the individual components within the diffusion zones of ternary couples. At a zero-flux plane the interdiffusion flux of a component goes to zero and on either side of the plane occurs a change or reversal in the direction of the interdiffusion flux of the component. The formation as well as the number of zero-flux planes of the components is dictated by the terminal alloys of the diffusion comple. The compositions of zero-flux planes for Ni and Cu identified in several Cu−Ni−Zn couples are found to correspond to composition points of intersection of diffusion paths and isoactivity lines drawn through the terminal alloys of the couples on a ternary isotherm.

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