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Physical illness among all discharged psychiatric inpatients in a national case register

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Previous studies have found that although psychiatric patients tend to have more physical illness than the rest of the population, it frequently goes unrecognized and untreated in psychiatric settings. This study investigated rates of reported physical illness among hospitalized psychiatric patients in preparation for national reform in mental health services. Data from the Israeli National Psychiatric Case Registry were analyzed on reported physical illness among all 38,714 psychiatric discharges during 1989–1991. Physical illness was reported for 10.62% of patients under age 25, 14.4% of patients 25 to 44, 34.27% of patients 45 to 65, and 61.26% of patients 65 and older. Rates differed among hospitals. Reported physical illness was considerably lower than expected as compared with other studies. Underdiagnosis is suggested as a possible explanation. Study results were used to add differential payment for physical comorbidity under the new National Health Insurance Law. Other corrective measures are discussed.

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