Estimation of the bioavailability of zinc and calcium from human, cow's, goat, and sheep milk by an in vitro method

  • Lihua Shen
  • Harry Robberecht
  • Peter Van Dael
  • Hendrik Deelstra
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The availability of zinc and calcium from human, cow's, goat, and sheep milk is evaluated by an in vitro method that involves a simulated human gastrointestinal digestion followed by measurement of dialyzability of zinc and calcium. Zinc availability of milk showed the highest value for human milk (15.0%) and the lowest for sheep milk (1.0%), in both whole and skim milk. Calcium availability of the different types of milk did not differ significantly and ranged between 18 and 23%. No significant differences in availability between whole and skim milk were found for both elements, except for zinc in cow's milk.

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  • Lihua Shen
    • 1
  • Harry Robberecht
    • 1
  • Peter Van Dael
    • 1
  • Hendrik Deelstra
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Food Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical SciencesUniversity of Antwerp (UIA)WilrijkBelgium

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