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A case of granuloma of the ascending colon due to penetration of trichuris trichiura


A 33 year-old woman was admitted with chief complaint of abdominal pain and high fever. A bariumenema showed serration and a tumor was seen in the proximal ascending colon. At laparotomy, a localized tumor about 5 cm in diameter was located in the proximal portion of the ascending colon. The operation was made according to the ileoceal resection. On the macroscopic examination of the resected specimen, a small hole penetrating into the subserosa of the ascending colon was noticed and a tumor measuring approximately 3 x 1.2 x 1 cm was located under the hole. A female worm,Trichuris trichiura, was found to be harbored in the adjacent site of the lesion. Histopathologic examination revealed granulomatous tissue reaction due to penetrating ofTrichuris trichiura. The patient is in good health now 20 months after operation.

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Kojima, Y., Sakuma, H., Izumi, R. et al. A case of granuloma of the ascending colon due to penetration of trichuris trichiura. Gastroenterol Jpn 16, 193–196 (1981).

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