How to search for pentaquarks in high energy hadronic interactions


The strange-anticharmed Pentaquark is a uud\(\bar c\);s or udd\(\bar c\)s five-quark baryon that is expected to be either a narrow resonance, or possibly even stable against strong and electromagnetic decay. We describe this hyperon here, its structure, binding energy and lifetime, resonance width, production mechanisms, production cross sections, and decay modes. We describe techniques to reduce backgrounds in search experiments and to optimize the conditions for Pentaquark observation. Possibilities for enhancing the signal over background in Pentaquark searches are investigated by examining predictions for detailed momentum and angular distributions in multiparticle final states. We consider a loosely boundD s N molecule and also a strongly-bound five-quark system. Fermilab E791 data, currently being analyzed, may have marginal statistics for showing definitive signals. Future experiments in the spirit of the recent CHARM2000 workshop, such as FNAL E781 and CERN COMPASS with 106–107 reconstructed charmed baryon events, should have sensitivity to determine whether or not the Pentaquark exists.

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