Changes in the electrokinetic properties of human cell nuclei during reflexotherapy

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The effect of acupuncture and microwave resonance therapy (MRT) on the electrophoretic motility of the cell nuclei of buccal epithelium was studied using the electronegative nuclei index in percent (ENN index, %) during treatment of patients with a duodenal ulcer and spinal osteochondrosis. This method was developed in Kharkov State University under the direction of Prof. V.G. Shakhbazov. A special device and a chamber were used to provide the intracellular microelectrophoresis of native cell nuclei. The tested methods of reflexotherapy had the normalizing effect on the ENN index, %. Acupuncture and MRT similarly affect the human organism in terms of the tested index. These findings confirmed a direct relationship between the human health status and ENN index, % which was determined by us earlier. This method makes it possible to provide the additional monitoring of the patient’s health status.

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