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The solid-state catalytic isotope exchange of hydrogen in dalargin


A [3H]Dalargin preparation with a molar radioactivity of 52 Ci/mmol was obtained by the high temperature solid-state catalytic isotope exchange (HSCIE) of tritium for hydrogen at 150°C. This tritium-labeled peptide was shown to completely retain its biological activity in the test of binding to opioid receptors from rat brain. The dissociation constant of the Dalargin-opioid receptor complex was found to be 4.3 nM. The dependences of the chemical yield and the molar radioactivity on the reaction time and temperature of HSCIE were determined. The activation energy of the HSCIE reaction for the peptide was calculated to be 32 kcal/mol. The amino acid analysis showed that tritium is distributed between all the amino acid residues of [3H]Dalargin at the HSCIE reaction, with the temperature growth significantly increasing the total tritium incorporation and, especially, enhancing the radioactivity incorporation into aromatic residues.

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Dalargin, Tyr-D-Ala-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg




high temperature solid state catalytic isotope exchange


opioid receptors


radioreceptor assay


hydrogen spillover


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  • Dalargin
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