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Effective distribution coefficient of Te in ZnAs2

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Te-doped ZnAs2 crystals were prepared by vertical Bridgman growth. The effective distribution coefficient of Te in a ZnAs2 crystal with a nominal Te content of 3.7 × 10-4 wt % Te grown at a solidification rate of 0.5 mm/h was determined to be 0.9. Te was shown to act as a donor impurity in ZnAs2.

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Marenkin, S.F., Ochertyanova, L.I., Bel’skii, N.K. et al. Effective distribution coefficient of Te in ZnAs2 . Inorg Mater 36, 327–329 (2000). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF02758076

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  • Solidification Rate
  • Donor Impurity
  • Palladium Chloride
  • Atomic Absorption Analysis
  • Atomic Absorption Determination