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Der Wandel der Jagd im bayerischen Alpenvorland

  • F. Ernst


The publication of Prof. Dr.F. Backmund entitled «Wandel des Waldes im Alpenvorland», Sauerländer’s Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 1941, calls for a look at the change of hunting for the same period of time in the same area.

The first Bavarian huntingcode of 1551/58 contains nearly all the fundamental huntinglaws of today such as hunting-ethics, hunting-districts and thier borders, closed seasons, persuing game, hunting-organisation and the sales of game. This code existed with a few little changes till 1848. After this time the hunting on horseback and the method of encircling game through lobing disappeared.

The single hunt with the leashed dog which existed in the 16th century is still a part of hunting today.

Though the huntingrights have changed since 1848 the hunting ethics and most of the methods are still the same as 400 years ago.

Since the 16th century-as far as hunting is concerned-have the dimension and structure of the forest, the hunting-area, the agricultural use of the land, the game itself, the hunting-tools and some of the methods of hunting drasticly changed.

The question of today is whether we will have in the near future the same opportunity to keep on hunting as we do now and in what manner?


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