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Zwanzig Jahre Vorrats- und Zuwachskontrolle im Stadtwald Traunstein

  • J. N. Köstler


The Traunstein municipal forest has been managed by the author for over 20 years and totals 581 ha of which 502 are productive. The forest lies in the Upper-Bavarian foothills of the Alps (annual precipitation 1600 mm, mean annual temperature 7.5°C). Major working plan revisions were carried out in 1949, 1959 and 1969. I. Annual cuts in cubic metres over bark were in 1948 8 cbm/ha, 1959 9 cbm/ha and 1969 10.5 cbm/ha. The species composition comprised 75% Norway spruce, 12% silver fir and 13% broadleaved species (mainly beech). The composition differed in the 71–120 years stands with 67% spruce, 25% fir and 8% broadleaves. Timber extracted, in the period 1949–1969 amounted to 87 000 cbm of which 44 500 cbm resulted from tending operations and 42 500 cbm from regeneration cuts. Management has produced a favourable economic profit of 180 DM/ha/annum. II. Standing volume was obtained for 201,3 ha from a complete diameter assessment and a local volume tariff. This gave 102 000 cbm in 1949, and 129 000 cbm in 1969. The estimated growing stock in young stands was 33 000 cbm in 1949 and 67 000 cbm in 1969. The average standing volume for the whole productive area was, therefore, 287 cbm/ha in 1949 and 389 cbm/ha in 1969, with a mean annual increment for the period 1949–1969 of 13,8 cbm/ha. III. The allowable cut was cross-checked in 1969 by 4 different estimations:—standing volume and a utilisation factor of 2.7% gave a volume of 10.8 cbm/ha; the reduced increment method gave 11 cbm/ha; silvicultural prescriptions produced 10.5 cbm/ha; and the age class method gave 10.5 cbm/ha. The recommended annual cut was thus fixed at 10.5 cbm/ha. Finally, a running control of standing volume is being prepared for 125 ha.


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