Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt

, Volume 90, Issue 1, pp 87–103 | Cite as

Über den Waldzustand im oberbayerischen Hochgebirge

  • W. Danz
  • J. Karl
  • H. Toldrian


With random-sample (303 test areas) the forest in the Upper Bavarian Alps has been analysed. In this case we have to realize the influence of the run-off of ordinary rainfall which has to be seen at first.

We have to realize 4 categories which are grouped by the degree of tree-top-tightness of the forests which have to be analysed. 40% of the complete forest area can be seen under the 3rd and 4th category what means that a soil-covering-degree of less than 0.6 takes an area of about 70 000 ha.

The result of a trendextrapolation is that the timber-line in the Bavarian Alps will be lowered from 1700 to 1400 meters in about 120 years from the date. A reason for this decrease in the timber-line can be seen in the type of forest cultivation. It should be taken into consideration the facts like cattle-grazing, very high amount of deers and the preference which is given to the fir-tree. Also there is a very high positive correlation between forest-area of the 3rd and 4th category and the appearance of soil-erosion.


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  • W. Danz
  • J. Karl
  • H. Toldrian

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