International Journal of Primatology

, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 153–166

Sexual behavior and reproduction ofCercocebus albigena johnstonii in Kibale forest, Western Uganda

  • S. J. Wallis

DOI: 10.1007/BF02743755

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Wallis, S.J. Int J Primatol (1983) 4: 153. doi:10.1007/BF02743755


Gray-cheeked mangabeys live in multimale social groups. Two groups of these monkeys were studied extensively over a period of 22 months, and a further eight groups were observed opportunistically. Data on the occurrence of sexual swelling infernales were collected and the different phases of swelling and deflation are described in detail together with data on their duration. The data were found to agree broadly with those presented by other workers on captive animals. Pre and postpartum swellings are described. The majority of copulations was observed to occur at peak swelling and a specific gesture, the head flag, was noted as a solicitation. The data on initiation of copulations show that the males initiated more copulations than the females. However, female-initiated copulations ended in ejaculation more often than male-initiated copulations. The behaviors of the mangabeys during precopulation and copulation were found to be broadly similar to those of the macaque. Copulations were observed most often on the day of peak swelling;however, adult males were the only animals to copulate prior to peak swelling. Subadult male copulations were most often after peak swelling. Masturbation was observed to ejaculation on two occasions. The data show gestation periods of between 184 and 189 days. A mean interbirth interval was calculated to be 33.33 ± 15.87 months.

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mangabeys reproduction sexual swellings infants 

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  • S. J. Wallis
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  1. 1.New York Zoological SocietyThe Bronx
  2. 2.Department of Applied ScienceNorth East Surrey College of TechnologyEwell SurreyUK

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