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Cutaneous bacillary angiomatosis

  • Mohammed Asharaf
  • S. LethaEmail author
Clinical Brief


Bacillary angiomatosis is characterized by unique vascular lesions caused by infection with a small Gram staining bacillus of the genus Bartonella. It usually occurs in immunocompromised persons but can also occur in immunocompetent persons. We report a case of cutaneous bacillary angiomatosis in a 5-year-old immunocompetent child. He had infected lesions on the lips, after an injury, which was followed by lesions over the knees, buttocks, near the ankles and the elbows. Diagnosis was proved on histology. The lesions cleared after administration of erythromycin for 3 is well to be aware of this condition in the context of increasing prevalence of AIDS.

Key words

Cutaneous bacillary angiomatosis Bartonella 


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  1. 1.Department of Child HealthMedical CollegeKeralaIndia

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