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Skin cleansing in neonates and infants-basics of cleansers

  • Gulrez TyebkhanEmail author
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Objective: Using a proper cleanser for bathing neonatal and infant skin is of prime importance considering the anatomical differences with regard to adult skin. Choosing the right cleanser requires knowledge of the composition of a cleanser as well as the properties of the individual ingredients.Methods: The article discusses the guidelines for cleansing the skin of neonates and infants. The characteristics of an ideal cleanser for pediatric skin have also been enumerated.Results: In India, majority of cleansers recommended for babies do not mention their active ingredients. Their claims of “mildness” have not been substantiated with clinical studies. Cetaphil, a non-soap, lipid-free liquid cleanser, has been clinically proven to be non-irritating by the Chamber Scarification Test. Moreover, Cetaphil also has a pH of less than 7, which does not alter the physiological pH of skin.Conclusion: Hence, Cetaphil should definitely be considered while choosing a cleanser for neonates and infants.

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