Profiling visa and MasterCard holders: An overview of changes - 1973 to 1984, and some thoughts for future research

  • Douglass K. Hawes
Research Notes


Replication is critical in furthering both the science and art of marketing; too often academicians and practitioners alike operate on the basis of outdated information. The author reports on a partial replication, conducted in 1984, of a 1973 study of bankcard holders and explores the changes in holdership and use patterns of consumers possessing either a VISA card, a MasterCard or both. Some notable changes have occurred in the eleven years since the first study was conducted. While MasterCard was the leading card in 1973, VISA has now taken a commanding lead. It is also the card of choice among holders of both cards. Average annual use of the cards has also increased, with single card holders increasing their use of their card more than holders of both bankcards.


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