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Angiosarcoma de bajo grado tras radioterapia en cáncer de mama

  • Belén Loboff de LeónEmail author
  • Jesús García-Donas Jiménez
  • Miguel Martín Jiménez
  • Rosario Carrillo Gijón
  • Eduardo Díaz Rubio
Notas Clínicas

Palabras clave

cáncer de mama angiosarcoma sarcoma postradiación 

Low-grade angiosarcoma following radiotherapy in breast cancer


Angiosarcoma of the skin (AS) is a rare complication of radiotherapy. It is characterised by its aggressive clinical progression and is distinct from other forms of angiosarcoma in that it does not always present with chronic lymphedema. A survey of the literature reveals that these lesions are difficult to diagnose because of their rarity and variable appearance, and because they can mimic radiation-induced changes in the skin. The majority of articles describe high-grade lesions. We report, here, a case of low-grade angiosarcoma following radical mastectomy, axillar node dissection and radiotherapy for infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Prompt diagnosis is very dependent on a high degree of clinical awareness. A biopsy should be considered in patients who present new skin lesions following radiotherapy for breast cancer.

Key words

breast cancer angiosarcoma post-radiotherapy 


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  • Belén Loboff de León
    • 2
    Email author
  • Jesús García-Donas Jiménez
    • 2
  • Miguel Martín Jiménez
    • 2
  • Rosario Carrillo Gijón
    • 1
  • Eduardo Díaz Rubio
    • 2
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  2. 2.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital Clínico San CarlosMadridEspaña

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