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Effect of filler addition on the compressive and impact properties of glass fibre reinforced epoxy


Flyash is incorporated in glass fibre reinforced epoxies to study their response to the filler addition. Low cost of flyash can reduce the overall cost of the component. Only very low volume fractions of filler are investigated in the present study. To obtain further clarification of the observed phenomenon, another abundantly available low cost material, calcium carbonate is incorporated in one set of the specimens. Compressive strength of the material is found to decrease, whereas steep increase in impact strength is observed by introduction of very small quantity of fillers. Specimens containing calcium carbonate are tested for impact properties only. Effect of specimen aspect ratio on the compressive strength values is also studied by testing specimens of three different aspect ratios. Scanning electron microscopic observations are taken to develop a better understanding of the phenomena taking place in the material system at microscopic level.

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  • ASTM D695-96 Standard test method for compressive properties of rigid plastics

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Gupta, N., Singh Brar, B. & Woldesenbet, E. Effect of filler addition on the compressive and impact properties of glass fibre reinforced epoxy. Bull Mater Sci 24, 219–223 (2001).

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  • fillers
  • flyash
  • compression test
  • impact test
  • fibre reinforced epoxies