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Response to the Comment: “On the computation of molecular auxiliary functionsAnand Bn

  • I. I. Guseinov
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The Comment ‘on the computation of auxiliary functionsAn(p) and Bn(pt)’ (FEHarris, Pramana - J. Phys.61, C779 (2003)) is analysed in the arbitrary range of parametersn,p andpt. It is shown that our downward recursion approach forBn(pt) in the range (n/pt) > 1 is more efficient than the well-known upward recursion method, and the upward recursion procedure forAn(p) does not have merit for smaller non-zero values ofp (p < 001).


Molecular auxiliary functions multicenter intergrals 


31.15.Ar 31.15.Qg 


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  • I. I. Guseinov
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsFaculty of Arts and Sciences, Onsekiz Mart UniversityÇanakkaleTurkey

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