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Removal of metal ions by ultrafiltration of a micellar solution containing anionic surfactant


Heavy metals in wastewater were removed by ultrafiltration of a micellar solution containing surfactant such as sodium dodecyl sulfate. Experimental results showed that permeate flux was primarily controlled by the operating parameters such as transmembrane pressure difference, flow rate and feed concentration. The average permeate flux increased at a higher transmembrane pressure, feed velocity, and at a lower solution concentration. The transmembrane pressure had a relatively small effect on metal removal whereas the level of surfactant-to-metal ratio (S/M) had a substantial effect. The optimal ratio of S/M for a best removal of metal ions was measured around 5 and 8 in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate, and the affinity resulted in the order of Cr> Co> Ni> Mg.

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