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RETRACTED ARTICLE: Synthesis and electrochemical studies of phenylazo substituted tetraaza macrocyclic complexes of Ni(II)


Synthesis and characterization of some phenyl azo substituted tetraaza macrocyclic complexes of Ni(II) are reported. Electrochemical behaviour of these macrocyclic complexes has been examined using polarographic, voltammetric and spectroscopic techniques. These studies show that both the ligand and the metal are electrochemically active. The electrochemical behaviour of the azo function has been shown to occur through a single four-electron process. When a nitro group is also present, the nitro function of the azo moiety is reduced in a six-electron cathodic wave.

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It has been brought to our notice that the paper ‘Synthesis and electrochemical studies of phenylazo substituted tetraaza macrocyclic complexes of Ni(II)’ by Randhir Singh, Suresh Kumar and Amarendra Bhattacharya, Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Chem. Sci.), vol. 112, No. 6, December 2000, pp. 601–605 has been plagiarized from an earlier paper published in J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem. (1979, vol. 41, pp. 1229–1232).

Our own investigations reveal that the author has reproduced cyclic voltammograms and also some paragraphs verbatim from the earlier paper.

The author was provided an opportunity to explain the alleged plagiarism and to submit copies of original polarograms he had recorded and laboratory notebooks to substantiate that he had actually prepared the compounds and recorded their cyclic polarograms. The author in his reply stated that he was not in a position to provide the required details. The Editorial Board in its deliberations expressed concern over this matter and decided to withdraw this article.

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