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UV-curable, special coding inks for optical fibers


A UV-curable, special coding ink for optical fibers consists chiefly of UV-curableprepolymers, coloring materials, and a photoinitiator. The UV-curable prepolymers are silicone epoxy benzoic acrylate (SEBA) and alicyclic hydrocarbon epoxy acrylate (ACEA). The coloring materials are disperse red urethane acrylate (RUA), disperse blue urethane acrylate (BUA), acridine yellow urethane acrylate (YUA), or their mixtures. The relationships of component-property of UV-curable, special coding inks were studied. The typical UV-curable, special coding inks were used to color the optical fibers.

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  • Acrylate
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