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Singlet oxygen drying of alkyd resins and model compounds


The drying behavior of air-drying high-solids paints (VOC<250 g/l) is different from and not as good as that of conventional paints. Research in relevant model compounds and alkyd paints has been initiated to gain insight in the underlying processes. After air-drying and aging, products whose formation could best be explained by assuming reaction with singlet oxygen were identified. Singlet oxygen can react with unsaturated systems in an efficient “ene” reaction to hydroperoxides. As hydroperoxides are essential in the air-drying process, an increased formation of singlet oxygen achieved by addition of (colored) sensitizers such as methylene blue and rose bengal should have a beneficial effect on alkyd drying. This effect was indeed found and appeared to be most pronounced at low temperatures. As a result the drying of high-solids alkyds and their corresponding paints is almost at the same rate as conventional products.

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  • Methylene Blue
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