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Dutch experience in the utilization of evaluation research: The procedure of reconsideration


This article examines evidence for the influence of program evaluation results on political decisionmaking. Dutch practice at central government level is illustrated by an interesting and well documented case: the Reconsideration (Review) Procedure, an annual evaluation process attuned to the budget cycle. Possible implications for the optimalization of the use of evaluatory research are discussed.

Evaluators have emerged from the 20-year embrace (by the real world) more sophisticated about the complexity of their task and more realistic about the political realities that exist in social programs and about how social science information is used in social problem solving.

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Additional information

Marie-Louise Bemelmans-Videc was, until recently, associate professor of public administration at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. She is currently engaged in (meta-) evaluatory research and advisory work at the Dutch supreme audit institution: the General Accounting Chamber. This article in no way reflects the views of the GAC.

He publishing activities cover books and articles related to the science of public administration, the role of professionals in policy-design, and the comparative study of practice and utilization of policy evaluation with European and American governments.

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