Puzzling out science

Science embodies the epitome of man's intellectual development. —C.S. Peirce

To say that man is made up of strength and weakness, of insight and blindness, of pettiness and grandeur, is not to draw up an indictment against him: it is to define him. —Diderot

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Collected Papers, ed. C. Hartshorne, P. Weiss, and A. Burks (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1931–1958), 7.49.

Addition aux Pensées Philosophiques (c.1762), inRameau's Nephew and Other Works, trans. Jacques Barzun and Ralph H. Bowen (New York: Doubleday, 1956).

She wishes to thank Paul R. Gross and Mark Migotti for helpful comments on a draft.

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  • Perceptual Experience
  • Epistemic Standard
  • Background Belief
  • Scientific Claim
  • Doxy