Reassessing the adversary culture

[I]n the main the national prospect looks brighter than it has for a generation. —Robert Bartley

That American culture is unraveling and its institutions becoming ever more fragile is so widely accepted that it doesn't require discussion. —Robert Bork

Americans have never had more reason to be confident than we have today. —Linda Chavez

We now live in a culture that is deeply corrupted-a liberal culture that in the name of unrestricted freedom has brought us to a condition of moral insensibility. —Hilton Kramer

Cross national surveys taken in 1990 … and in 1992 … find that the overwhelming majority of Americans feel positive about their personal future, a higher proportion than in any other industrial country. —Seymour Martin Lipset

From Harvard to Hollywood, the intellectual Left has managed to capture and corrupt most of the commanding heights of American culture. —George Gilder

America is an astonishingly resilient society and there is good reason to be hopeful. —Richard Neuhaus

[O]ur educational institutions … transmit relativism, deconstructionism, multiculturalism, victimization and political correctness. —Chester Finn, Jr.

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“The National Prospect—A Symposium”,Commentary (November 1995): 27, 32, 43, 71–72, 78, 61, 89, 52.

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