Concentration self-quenching in solid solutions of complex organic molecules under intense excitation


A theoretical study was carried out to investigate concentration self-quenching which is nonlinear in intensity in a molecular system caused by nonradiative electronic excitation energy transfer to relatively long-lived acceptors that are formed in a solution and whose function is performed by molecules that have acquired the triplet state. It is shown that at ratios of constants of radiative and nonradiative transitions typical of complex molecules at concentrations of ∼10−3–10−2 mole/liter substantial (2- to 10-fold) fluorescence takes place at intensities of excitation of ∼104–103 of the intensity of saturation for a singlet subsystem. Polarization characteristics of the system are analyzed.

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Belarusian State University, 4, F. Skorina Ave., 220050, Minsk, Belarus. Translated from Zhurnal Prikladnoi Spektroskopii, Vol. 64, No. 6, pp. 729–733, November–December, 1997.

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Gorbatsevich, S.K., Gulis, I.M. & Sakharuk, S.A. Concentration self-quenching in solid solutions of complex organic molecules under intense excitation. J Appl Spectrosc 64, 740–744 (1997).

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Key words

  • nonradiative energy transfer
  • quantum yield of luminescence
  • polarization of luminescence
  • nonlinear spectroscopy
  • quenching of luminescence