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Halichoeres bleekeri (steindachner & döderlein), a valid japanese species of labrid fish, distinct fromH. tenuispinis (günther) from china

  • John E. Randall


Halichoeres bleekeri (Steindachner & Döderlein, 1887), previously regarded as a junior synonym ofH. tenuispinis (Günther), is a valid species. It is distinct fromH. tenuispinis in nearly always having 13 instead of 14 pectoral rays. 11–15 instead of 7–11 suborbital pores, longer dorsal soft rays (1.95–2.3 in head length vs 2.25–2.4 fortenuispinis). and some features of color such as the absence of a dark spot at the upper base of the caudal fin of the female.H. tremebundus Jordan and Snyder, 1902 is a synonym ofH. bleekeri based on the female form, andArtisia festiva de Beaufort is a synonym ofH. tenuispinis, also described from the female phase,H. bleekeri is known from Korea and in Japan from Tokyo to the Izu Islands.H. tenuispinis is recorded from Hong Kong and Xiamen. China, and Taiwan. Records ofH. tenuispinis from the Philippines by Fowler and Bean (1928) represent misidentifications ofH. papilionaceus (Valenciennes).

Key words

Labridae Halichoeres tenuispinis China Halichoeres bicekeri Japan 


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  • John E. Randall
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  1. 1.Bishop MuseumHonolulu

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