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, Volume 86, Issue 5, pp 368–374 | Cite as

Uncooled semiconductor detectors based on crystals of wide bandgap compounds grown from the gas phase

  • V. M. Zaletin
  • A. A. Mel'nikov
  • I. M. Nozhkina
  • V. I. Fomin


Particular attention is devoted to investigating the spectrometric characteristics of detectors based on crystals of wide bandgap compounds (GaAs, HgI 2, andCd 1−xZnxTe) grown from the gas phase. The results show that gas-phase methods are more promising in developing a crystal technology for uncooled semiconductor detectors.


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  • V. M. Zaletin
  • A. A. Mel'nikov
  • I. M. Nozhkina
  • V. I. Fomin

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