Atomic Energy

, Volume 86, Issue 5, pp 311–316 | Cite as

Development of advanced technology in the hydrometallurgy of uranium

  • V. V. Shatalov
  • D. I. Skorovarov
  • I. P. Smirnov
On the 275th Anniversary of The Russian Academy of Sciences


Almost 50 years of work at the All-Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Chemical Technology on the hydrometallurgy of uranium is surveyed. Autoclave leaching, sorptional pulp processing, and extractional deposition of pure uranium compounds permit the processing of lean uranium ores. Advanced low-waste technologies have been developed, with radical reconstruction of the processing plants.


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  • V. V. Shatalov
  • D. I. Skorovarov
  • I. P. Smirnov

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