Atomic Energy

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A performance criterion for value simulation based on contributon transport theory

  • N. M. Borisov
  • M. P. Panin


A mathematical basis is given for a value optimization criterion in Monte Carlo long-distance radiation transport simulation. The basis is the tendency to preserve the number of intersections between random paths and services separating the source and detector. The direct and conjugate contributon transport equations are considered, and it is shown that there is a relationship between the contributon simulation and the value one in the direct and conjugate cases. The contributon criterion is applied to the performance of direct and conjugate value simulation. The computational performance of the conjugate method is higher because of the more accurate approximation for the value function, and the performance criterion confirms this.


Performance Criterion Integral Cross Section Random Path Direct Collision Collision Kernel 
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  • N. M. Borisov
  • M. P. Panin

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