Atomic Energy

, Volume 87, Issue 1, pp 466–471 | Cite as

Analysis of criticality in shipment and storage of fuel at a nuclear power plant with a VVÉR reactor

  • G. L. Ponomarenko


The substantiation of nuclear safety during shipment and storage of fresh and spent fuel at nuclear power plants with VVÉR reactors is examined in the light of the more stringent nuclear safety rules. Possible technical measures for satisfying the safety criterion are examined, for example, the concept of subcritical fresh fuel. An example of the estimation of the probability of the formation of a critical mass as result of fuel assemblies falling randomly out of a container is presented. Certain characteristic features of the calculation of the neutron-physical characteristics of fuel in a cooling pond are presented, for example, the nonconservative nature of a separate analysis in the infinite approximation. 4 figures, 5 references.


Nuclear Power Plant Fuel Element Fuel Assembly Spend Fuel Nuclear Safety 
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  • G. L. Ponomarenko

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