From laboratory no. 2 of the USSR Academy of sciences to the Russian Science Center “Kurchatov Institute”


A detailed exposition of the history of the creation and development and the present status of one of the leading nuclear centers in the world—the Kurchatov Institute—is presented.

The Institute was created in April 1943 during the height of the Second World War to solve a military problem —the development of nuclear weapons in our country. Having solved the basic problem in a relatively short time, the Kurchatov Institute switched to utilizing its powerful atomic potential to solve a wide range of scientific, technological and industrial problems in various fields of science and technology. The development of nuclear power and the utilization of atomic energy in various media—air, oceans, and space—as well as the development of thermonuclear studies and very important fundamental studies in various fields of modern science are all happening here. Using its unique scientific potential, the Kurchatov Institute has been able to establish the starting points everywhere.

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Russian Science Center “Kurchatov Institute.” Translated from Atomnaya Énergiya, Vol. 86, No. 4, 247–260, April, 1999.

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Golovin, I.N., Ponomarev-Stepnoi, N.N. & Sokolovskii, L.L. From laboratory no. 2 of the USSR Academy of sciences to the Russian Science Center “Kurchatov Institute”. At Energy 86, 243–253 (1999).

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