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Estimation of nuclear DNA content of plants by flow cytometry

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Plant Molecular Biology Reporter Aims and scope Submit manuscript

An Erratum to this article was published on 01 November 1991


A rapid and simple protocol for estimation of nuclear DNA content of plants is described. Suspensions of intact nuclei are prepared either by chopping plant tissues or lysing protoplasts in a MgSO4 buffer, mixed with DNA standards, and stained with propidium iodide in a solution containing DNAase-free RNAase. Fluorescence intensities of the stained nuclei are measured by a flow cytometer. Values for nuclear DNA content are estimated by comparing fluorescence intensities of the nuclei of the test population with those of appropriate internal DNA standards. The same procedure can also be used for rapid determination of ploidy in plant tissues.

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Black Mexican sweet corn


DNA content of the complement of unreplicated haploid chromosomes


coefficient of variation


double-distilled water


linear integral fluoresence


forward-angle light scatter


human leucocytes


logarithmic integral fluorescence


propidium iodide


photomultiplier tube


trout red blood cells


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