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Use of soy proteins in baked foods


Technology for the utilization of soy products in bakery foods is well established and reasonably simple. We can expect the functional properties and flavor of soy products to be continually improved through major research efforts in the soy industry. Large scale protein fortification programs will be forthcoming as the world population continues to grow, and economics dictate more and more efficient sources of nutrients. Before this will be realized, however, careful evaluations of the nutritional requirements and the technical, economic and political situations in a country will have to be made and the constraints removed before widespread use of fortified bakery foods in the commercial sector can be realized. In developed as well as developing countries, the near term constraints for usage of soy proteins in bakery products are represented by food regulations or laws which must be changed before the full nutritional and functional assets of soy proteins can be realized to the benefit of the baking industry.

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