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Some characteristics of polyoxyethylene sorbitol tetra-oleate: Oligomer type emulsifier


Polyoxyethylene (P) sorbitol tetra-oleates with molecular weights of 2000 to 4000 were synthesized. They may be regarded as tetramers of those ordinary surfactants that consist of one hydrophilic and one hydrophobic group. Some emulsifying properties of the tetrameric surfactants were investigated including the phase inversion temperature (PIT, HLB-temperature). These surfactants are effective at relatively low concentration, they are stable for coalescence, and they are less irritating than conventional surfactants. Specifically, they proved to be good emulsifiers for unsaturated triglycerides such as olive oil. The mean droplet diameter of the emulsion was small, 1.5 microns. The emulsifying activity of these oligomer type surfactants for olive oil was improved markedly by the addition of 0.2–0.9 wt % of sodium oleate. Such effective performances of these surfactants have not been recognized in ordinary surfactants. It is expected that these oligomer type surfactants may find applications in various industrial fields.

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