Medium chain length fatty acid esters and their medical and nutritional applications


Caprylic and capric acid esters and their applications in medical, nutritional and dietetic uses are described. Medium chain triglycer-ides (MCT) as a tool in the control of obesity, control in the choles-terol deposition in the tissues as well as a means of lowering serum cholesterol are cited as unique characteristics of such lipids. MCT as a source of quick energy and high energy is suggested as an alterna-tive to the conventional fats and oils (LCT). Dietetic and nutritional application utilizing the unique characteristics of caprylic and capric acid esters is indicated as alternatives to conventional fats and oils. The mono-diglycerides of caprylic and capric acid as cholesterol dis-solving agents in treating of patients having cholesterol gallstones is described to illustrate the unique solvency properties of such mono esters in medical applications. The possibility of such mono esters of di- and polyhydric alcohols to act as co-solvents for oil and water systems is suggested which can be applied in medical, pharmaceuti-cal and allied fields. Structured lipids with a predominance of capry-lic and capric acid to modify the properties of triglycerides is described for hyperalimentation uses as well as the special nutri-tional and dietetic needs.

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