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Chemical composition ofRumex crispus L. seed

Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society

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Rumex crispus L. seeds harvested in Olavarría (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) were extracted with 60–80°C petroleum ether to render 6.0% (dry basis) of a lipid fraction with a 152.4 saponification value and 15.4% unsaponifiable matter. Fatty acid composition obtained by gas-liquid chromatography was: 14:0, 2.7; 16:0, 13.5; 16:1, 1.2; 18:0, 1.2; 18:1, 38.6; 18:2, 36.3; 18:3, 0.5; 20:0, 2.4; 20:2, 0.3; 22:0, 0.9; 22:1, 1.2; and 24:0, 1.2; with traces of 14:1, 15:1, 17:0, and 17:1. Residual meal contained 10.62% crude protein, with a low value of available lysine (3.31 g/16 g N). Ash, crude fiber, sugars, hydrolyzable carbohydrates, total and phytic acid phosphorus, calcium and residual lipids contents are reported here.

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Wiese, B., Quiroga, O.E., Vigo, M.S. et al. Chemical composition ofRumex crispus L. seed. J Am Oil Chem Soc 72, 1077–1078 (1995).

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