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Alloying element vaporization and weld pool temperature during laser welding of AlSl 202 stainless steel


Alloying element vaporization rates, plasma composition, and the changes in weld composition during laser welding of 202 stainless steel are discussed in this paper. Iron, manganese, and chromium were the most dominant species in the plasma. During laser welding it is always a difficult task to measure the temperature of the weld pool since this region is surrounded by hot plasma. In this paper a novel technique for the determination of weld pool temperature is presented. It is demonstrated that the relative rates of vaporization of any two elements from the molten pool can serve as an indicator of weld pool temperature, irrespective of the element pair selected. The composition of the solidified region calculated from the measured values of vaporization rate, plasma composition, and the volume of the solidified region was in good agreement with the weld composition determined by electron probe microanalyis technique.

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Khan, P.A.A., Debroy, T. Alloying element vaporization and weld pool temperature during laser welding of AlSl 202 stainless steel. Metall Mater Trans B 15, 641–644 (1984).

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