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Certainty factors of earthquake precursory anomaly evidences CF(E)

  • Zhao-Bi Zheng


In this paper, we propose the principle, methods and calculating formulas for determining the certainty factors of earthquake precursory anomaly evidences CF(E). Based on the guidebooks for earthquake prediction, we give the methods of determining the CF values of 22 evidences (including seismic gap, belt,b-value,c-value, velocity ratio, strengthen of anomalous activities, quiet of anomalous activities, seismic window, earthquake swarm, earthquake sequence, coda wave, initial motion of P wave, stress drop, geoelectricity, geomagnetism, stress, ground tilt, ground water level, radon and hydrochemistry, gravity, space environment and macroscopic anomalies), and show three examples. The purposes are to use the Expert System for Earthquake Prediction (ESEP) further.

Key words

certainty factor of evidence earthquake precursory Expert System for Earthquake Prediction 


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  1. Zhuang, K. Y., Wang, W., Huang, B. S. and Xia, S. H., 1991.Expert System for Earthquake Prediction, 28–91. Seismological Press, Beijing (in Chinese).Google Scholar

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  • Zhao-Bi Zheng
    • 1
  1. 1.Seismological Bureau of Anhui ProvinceHefeiChina

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