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Identification of zero-flux planes and flux reversals in several studies of ternary diffusion


Several past studies of isothermal diffusion in ternary systems have been examined for the identification of zero-flux planes (ZFP) and flux reversals of the individual components. The phenomenon of ZFP initially recognized in the Cu-Ni-Zn diffusion couples has now been identified in several ternary systems including Cu-Ag-Au, Cu-Zn-Sn, Fe-Ni-Co, Fe-Ni-Al, and Co-Ni-Cr. The development of ZFP is dictated by the terminal alloys of the diffusion couples and can occur in both single phase and multiphase assemblies. Discontinuous flux reversals can also occur at interfaces in multiphase systems. The compositions of ZFP’s developed for a couple correspond to the intersections of its diffusion path and the isoactivity lines for the components drawn through the terminal alloy compositions on a ternary isotherm.

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  • Diffusion Couple
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